The spectrum of IT infrastructure is broader than ever before. In-depth knowledge of various technology areas enable us to provide true end-to-end solutions and services. Our service offerings are as follows:

Consulting and Design Services
We provide expert advice and design services using the required technologies, people, and processes to support your business and management strategy for LAN/WAN, wireless, data, voice, server, workstation and storage solutions.

Implementation and Integration Services
We plan and deploy the required technologies, people, and processes to make the proposed IT solutions supporting your business and management strategy come to life. The actual installation, testing and turn-up of a selected network technology and design can be a complex process. Many companies do not have the necessary skills and resources. In wide area or national deployments, a company’s centralized resources may not have the reach or capacity to visit remote locations and effectively perform site preparation, installation, cutover, and site testing and acceptance. NetManaged can provide skilled and experienced resources to accomplish these tasks in a cost effective manner for both major implementation projects and ongoing move, add and change (MAC) activity throughout East Tennessee.

Maintenance and Support Services
We can help you regain control over your existing IT products by deploying, upgrading, configuring, reinstalling and providing additional customization, on-site and remote support.

We provide disaster recovery planning and procedures, implementation and recovery services.

Staff Augmentation Services
We provide the necessary technical manpower for your daily operations and systems administration needs with our specialized Get NetManaged! service offering. For more information on our staff augmentation services select Get NetManaged!

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